Wren & Mary (s/t)
After developing ideas on an island, in an old and possibly haunted farmhouse, in a woodshed, and various other indoor and outdoor spaces, Wren & Mary have now captured a sampling of their musical thoughts to tape. The two New England friends have delved deep into a shared process of crafting songs and sound pieces with a wide range of structures and tools, the result finding a melodious, yet experimental series of songs which flow together like an introspective dream . Throughout the two sides of this cassette, wren and mary's contrasting harmonies and instrumentals come together as one gentle voice telling stories of an inward journey with an outward curiosity towards the world in both its lighter and darker aspects.You'll probably want to spend some time with this one, quite possibly while on a long, wintry drive or bike ride.
- E. A.

Spacemen Saturday Night Here's A Mirror
You’re walking in a field.  It’s sunny out, but rain looks inevitable. You thought you were alone, but far across the field approaches a woman. This woman has brought a friend, and this friend has brought a guitar.  As they get closer, you notice the friend, a man, is playing the guitar, and what you thought was the sound of approaching thunder is actually an unearthly rhythm, keeping time with his guitar playing. They come closer; you notice the woman is singing.
What is she singing? It’s not easy to tell. It sounds like a song about her, but could it be a song about you? Could it be a song about hippies? Now the man is singing.  The clouds are moving closer, but he seems to be keeping them at bay.  The sunlight is reflecting off the pair. They are getting harder and harder to look directly at. Who are these people? Why do they look so familiar?
When finally they are next to you, the music they were making dies away. You’re left staring at something so bright you can barely discern what’s in front of you. The woman hands you something, and all of sudden their smiling faces come into full view.
“Here’s a mirror” she says.
- Corey Ames

Gloaming / Ronin Shogunate Tour Split

Pilot Supreme Agrarian Nation
"Agrarian Nation" is a heavily textured album of world music beats composed by Adam Deem, of the Evil Pit Bastards, Grass Tower, and Ronin Shogunate. Pilot Supreme's music is comprised of all-embracing eclectic sample loops coupled with aberrant live drumming that packs a punch and plainly demonstrates Adam's exceptional ability on drum set. Much in the vein of the American DJ tradition, Pilot Supreme has something for everyone. "Agrarian Nation" is a multi-genre cross-section of rhythmic music through the lens of American hip hop.